Welcome to Thrift Twins Vintage!

Hi! We’re the Thrift Twins!

We are twin sisters who obsess over vintage and retro items, which means we spend a lot of time in thrift stores and right about now, garage sale season is starting so don’t talk to us on Saturdays, lol.

Many of you may know us from our FB page or our Instagram, so hey! And for those of you who don’t know about us, great to meet you!

Most of our activity is on Facebook as that serves as our selling page, but we wanted to be able to just keep a little running journal of some of our favourite finds, our BIG ONES, and just our general experiences while we’re out hunting, and how this fun obsession has really brought us even closer together than we were before! Even our mom, who we sometimes call ‘the Third Thrift Twin’ joins in on the fun, so we want to share it with you!

Also, while we offer most of our items for sale and/or auction on our FB page, if there’s ever anything you’re looking for in particular, just let us know!

Thanks so much and we can’t wait to share our adventures with you!